Introducing the SWS ICAM App for iPad

Safety Wise Solutions recently released the SWS ICAM Incident Reporting application, which facilitates the reporting, information gathering and investigation of workplace incidents using the ICAM Investigation Model.

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ICAM Assessment Tool

ICAM Assessment Tool provides a framework & criteria to apply when critically reviewing the quality of an ICAM investigation report. The tool allows for a scored rating and comments on each element of the report.

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Welcome to Safety Wise Solutions

Safety Wise Solutions is a dynamic company based in Melbourne, Australia that provides Occupational Health & Safety consulting and training services. We work with organisations to develop and implement effective and sustainable improvements in Occupational Health and Safety performance and risk management.

Safety Wise Solutions uses four principles to achieve OH&S performance improvement:

1. Proactive analysis
through risk assessment and system audits

2. Reactive analysis
through effective incident investigation using Incident Cause Analysis Method

3. OH&S performance monitoring
to improve performance by measuring the right things in real time

4. Training
to provide organisations with the skills to manage risk and investigate incidents

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