ICAM is an easy-to-use, effective, proven system to guide experienced & novice investigators to the root causes of adverse events.

It aims to identify both local factors and failures within the broader organisation and productive system that contributed to the incident, such as communication, training, operating procedures, incompatible goals, change management, organisational culture and equipment.

Through the analysis of this information, ICAM provides the ability to identify what really went wrong and to make recommendations on necessary remedial actions to reduce risk and build error-tolerant defences against future incidents.

ICAM draws on the work of the eminent organisational psychologist and human error expert Professor James Reason (University of Manchester, UK) and incorporates best practice Human Factors and Risk Management principles.

Clients who use ICAM have found that it is not just a safety tool. It can be used to investigate issues from all aspects of your organization. Some of these include:

  • Safety related occurrences in the transportation, mining, steel, petroleum and power generation sectors
  • Near-miss investigations
  • Environmental events
  • Investigations required by local regulations
  • Production / shutdown problems & process upsets
  • Quality non-conformance
  • Equipment reliability issues
  • Equipment or maintenance failures
  • Community relations
  • Human Resources issues
  • Customer complaints

The ICAM process integrates readily with existing reactive and proactive performance improvement programs such as:

  • Risk management processes
  • Behaviour based safety programs
  • Audit programs
  • ISO 9000 / ISO 14000 / AS 4801 / TQM certification